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Newborn Girl| Waterloo Portrait Studio

We love seeing all the new little ones arriving our their portraits this newborn girl was just 6 days old for her portrait session today in the studio.

She had her proud big sister here to help supervise her portrait session.  It is hard to believe its already been two years since she was here for her first portrait session.



A New Year with Newborns at Calla Studio| Waterloo Portrait Studio

We ring in the New Year with this perfect little newborn!  I had the pleasure of meeting this amazing family just a couple of years ago and am so excited to share they new little addition.

I’m pretty sure her big brother is going to take good care of his little sister and their very special monkey.

Newborn Calla Studio


Perfect Baby Girl| Waterloo Portrait Studio

We have had many babies in the studio the past couple of weeks but this is one of our first girls for 2014!  She was just so precious and perfect I could have photographed her all day.  Here is a little peek at her first portrait session with Calla Studio.

Newborn Photographer


Waterloo Newborn Boy | Waterloo Portrait Studio

What a busy morning in the studio! We had a couple of our Bebe clients in and then finished off with our newest little one, just 6 days old and a perfect little boy to photograph. He slept through his whole shoot and only felt the need to pee on us after we were finished!

Here is a sneak peak at todays newborn session!

Calla Studio Newborn Photography


Baby Girl has arrived! | Waterloo Portrait Studio

It has been a busy month at GrandRiver hospital, we have seen a whole bunch of little ones here in the studio! Here is a quick  look at Mateah, she was thinking she needed to be awake for all of her photos, but thankfully she eventually closed those tiny little eyes for a few.

Kitchener Waterloo Baby Photographer


Newborn baby girl | Waterloo Portrait Studio

There is just nothing like starting your day with a newborn portrait session.  I had the pleaser to photograph the new addition to the Wideman family today.  Pam is a fellow photographer and good friend, it is always so much fun to work with other photographers.  Little Fiona was perfect and might have kept trying to stay awake the whole time but we were able to work our magic and have her sleep for a little bit.  Here is a sneak peek from her portrait session today.

Calla Studio


Precious Little Baby Boy | Waterloo Portrait Studio

Here is another precious little baby boy! This year seems to be the year of boys as all of our newborns for 2013 have been boys so far.  We had the pleasure of capturing this little guys first portraits at just 5 days old.  He was amazing, just a couple of little protests in the beginning, we are excited to photograph him through his first year.

Waterloo Newborn Photographer


Fall Girls Portraits | Waterloo Portrait Studio

We had a blast photographing these ladies the other week.  There is nothing like going out and spending time with your friends and having a custom photo shoot, we might have had a few rain drops to dodge but that didn’t dampen their spirits.

I can see these ladies in 50 years from now, talking about this day and cherishing the memories we created.  They were inspiring young women


Special Baby Boy | Waterloo Portrait Studio

We welcomed another beautiful baby boy into the studio for his first portraits!  He was a wonderful little guy and slept through most of his session, felt the need to wake up near the end and show us his blue eyes.


Elmira Family Portrait | Waterloo Portrait Studio

I just cant seem to get enough of this falls weather and colours, here is another amazing family.  I really do have the best job in the world and wouldnt change a thing.

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