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A New Year with Newborns at Calla Studio| Waterloo Portrait Studio

We ring in the New Year with this perfect little newborn!  I had the pleasure of meeting this amazing family just a couple of years ago and am so excited to share they new little addition.

I’m pretty sure her big brother is going to take good care of his little sister and their very special monkey.

Newborn Calla Studio


Turning One!| Waterloo Ontario Photographer

I really do have the best job in the world, especially working with amazing clients like Brianna.  I have the joy of watching our little clients grow in their first year, it happens way to fast.

The first year is so special as the little ones go through their first in everything (smiling, laughing, sitting and walking).  Photographing a 1 year old can always be a challenge but in good way, all they want to do is play.  They are showing their independence, exploring and learning new things.  Brianna was a joy to work with she was ready for anything.  Happy Birthday Brianna


Baby Boy | Waterloo Ontario Photographer

We have just had a ton of newborn babies in the studio this month and thankfully that have all been wonderful little angels!  This little guys was a real gem to photograph just just slept through the whole thing and didn’t wake up until the end.


Newborn Baby| Waterloo Ontario Portrait Studio

I just love photographing newborns, they are so precious. This is Matt and Tracey’s first and they are amazing parents, super relaxed and taking in all the wonderful moments with their daughter. She was a dream to photograph as she slept through the whole thing.


New Elmira Baby| Waterloo Ontario Photographer

Drew Snyder was in the studio today for his first portrait session.  We had a chance to photograph him last month in the NICU at Grand River Hospital, but this was his first trip the studio.  He was perfect and slept through most of his session.  His dad is an avid hockey player and Drew is just under 5lbs, so we figured why not a hockey helmet?

Photo Of The Month


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