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Fall Family Portraits| Waterloo Portrait Studio

What an amazing fall we are having, the Calla Studio team has been busy documenting families this past couple of weeks.  So we are lacking in our blogging skills but we defiantly want to share all the amazing families and their beautiful portrait sessions.

We had a great time with the Cressman family in Waterloo, so many great expressions from those two little guys.  Lets be honest we all know the kids steal the show! But that is what I love about family portraits is the stories from the day of the session and the time they get to celebrate being with each other creating a little part of their family history.

Images copyright of Calla Studio

Images copyright of Calla Studio



Waterloo Maternity Portraits| Waterloo Portrait Studio

I just love photographing maternity portraits and there is nothing better then being able to be outside on a warm fall evening.  Kevin and Brandi where good sports heading into the random field and fighting with thistles and bugs but the result was totally worth the work.

I can’t wait to meet their little bundle of joy in the coming weeks!!

Images copyright of Calla Studio

Images copyright of Calla Studio


Someone Turns 1| Waterloo Portrait Studio

Look at this little cutie he just turned 1 at the end of May.  I love being able to capture and create precious memories like this for families to look back at in years.  Like every 1yr old it is an entertaining portrait session as they are so busy exploring this big world that think we are crazy to want them to sit still for a photograph, but we have some tricks up our sleeves and have no problem getting some good belly laughs from him.Calla Studio


6 month old already| Waterloo Portrait Studio

Crazy to think that two years ago today we had were photographing this little guys parents wedding.  Its amazing to see how much can change in just a short time.

I think the 6 month portrait session has to be one of my favourite sessions, they are just so proud of how they can sit up, crawl and in general they think they are hilarious and I kind of have to agree with them they really are pretty funny.  I am looking forward to seeing him at his 1 year session.

6month-Calla Studio


Newborn Portraits| Waterloo Portrait Studio

I know everyone has been patiently waiting for the arrival of Erika’s baby, well today we had the pleasure of photographing this little guys newborn portraits!! We are so excited to welcome the new addition to the Calla Studio family and happy to report that mom,dad and baby are doing well.  Rory made his big entrance on August 15th and weighted in at 10lbs 1oz, we are feeling pretty lucky to be part of this little guys life and glad we could capture his first moments for family and friends to treasure for years to come.

Newborn Portrait-Calla Studio


Photographer of the Year Award|Waterloo Portrait Studio

We are so excited to share with you that Tina Weltz was just awarded the 2014 Photographer of the Year Award for all of Ontario for the second year in a row!! It is an amazing acheivement to reach this level of success among her peers and to win this title back to back is outstanding.

Tina was in Toronto this past weekend attending the PPOC-Ontario regional conference and awards banquet when the finalists and winners were announced, below is her full winning submission.

Photographer of the Year for Ontario

2014 Photographer of the Year


Family Portraits Waterloo Portrait Studio

It’s been a great summer here at the studio, we’ve had some amazing families in for their portraits.  I particularly  love working with new families, they are sometimes hesitant when it comes to portraits, especially with young children, but there really is no better time to capture your family life as they grow.

Family portraits don’t have to be in a studio or formal anymore, we want to capture your family naturally in your everyday life.  We had the pleasure of heading out to this family’s farm recently and I have to say, what a dream location.  I know when most clients look around at their surroundings they don’t think it’s the best location, but to photographers there is always a unique spot that we don’t get to see everyday to take advantage of for great portraits.

Copyright of Calla Studio

Copyright of Calla Studio


Summer Family Portraits| Waterloo Portrait Studio

Summer time is quickly coming to an end but our summer family portraits have been amazing this year.  I know we all wanted a hot summer after that long cold winter but I can’t say I didn’t mind being out on those perfect evenings photographing all of our amazing clients.

I have known Amy for such a long time I don’t dare say how many years because then you will know how old we are! These two this munchkins are so fun to work with, Lucy always makes be crack up and Cohen has something new to tell me every time I come to see them.  Watching clients grow and change throughout their lives it truly a real honour and one I won’t take for granted.

Summer Family Portraits-Calla Studio


Newborn Photographs| Waterloo Portrait Studio

It is a real treat to work in a small town when you get to meet and work with other business owners. Barney and Adrienne are the proud owners of Pinacle Health and Fitness ( here in Elmira and Milverton, Ontario.  I recently had the pleasure of taking their new little girls first photographs, she was just a wee little thing at two weeks old, but perfect for her portrait session.

I love this image of her and her elephant, they are both brand new to the world and will spend the next year exploring together.  It is always touching to see these special stuffed animals with them throughout their first year, they never look like this again after all they go through with their little companions!

Newborn Photographs




Newborn Photography Magic| Waterloo Portrait Studio

There is just something magical about a newborn baby.  We are always excited to see all of our clients, but getting the chance to meet our newest clients and the honour of taking their first portraits is just so special to us.  We had the pleasure of working with this precious little girl recently and she must have enjoyed her time with us, because all she wanted to do was smile.  We love newborn photography but can’t wait to see her again soon as we document her first year.Newborn Magic Calla Studio

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