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Fall Family Portraits| Waterloo Portrait Studio

What an amazing fall we are having, the Calla Studio team has been busy documenting families this past couple of weeks.  So we are lacking in our blogging skills but we defiantly want to share all the amazing families and their beautiful portrait sessions.

We had a great time with the Cressman family in Waterloo, so many great expressions from those two little guys.  Lets be honest we all know the kids steal the show! But that is what I love about family portraits is the stories from the day of the session and the time they get to celebrate being with each other creating a little part of their family history.

Images copyright of Calla Studio

Images copyright of Calla Studio



Calla Studio’s 10th Anniversary| Waterloo Portrait Studio

I can’t believe that Calla Studio is celebrating its 10th anniversary!  I can’t believe how time just fly’s by when you are doing something you love.  As this is a huge milestone for us one we will be celebrating throughout the whole year.  We have some exciting promotions for clients and a few other fun items.  Make sure you check out to see what we have going on and if you want to be part of the celebrations.Calla Studio


Mothers and Daughters Portrait | Waterloo Portrait Studio

There is just something about the bond between a mother and daughter.  I had the joy to photograph this amazing mother  before the daughter moved out West.  I just love the connection between the two of them!


Fall Portrait| Waterloo Ontario Photographer

This is one of my favourite times of year, what an awesome time to have your family portrait.  We love when families come to see us year after year for their family portrait.  We have enjoyed working with the Cox family and seeing the changes in their children over the years!  Having your family portrait taken is preserving your family history,  these images will become part of that history.  I  have a family portrait from the 1900’s in our house, it is my fathers great great grandparents.  It is true treasure to know where his family came from.


Waterloo Fall Portraits| Waterloo Ontario Photographer

We have started our Fall Family Special and are off with a bang as the weather is working so well for us this week.  I thought today’s session would be rained out, but thankfully the sun popped out just before we started and we were able to have a wonderful session.

It is so fun for me to watch as my clients grow, I have had the pleasure to photograph these two for the past couple of years.  They are always a joy to spend time with and they always have something new to tell me.  We had a wonderful portrait session outside (by the haunted house as they called it).  Scooby Doo was a big hit, thankfully I know that cartoon too.  I am looking forward to the rest of our Fall Family Sessions this weekend.  If you were thinking of having your family photographed this would be the perfect time.


Elmira Boy | Waterloo Ontario Photographer

Cooper was in the other day for his 7 month photo session!  I can’t believe how much he has grown since his last session, he is no longer a little baby.  He is now on the move so I had to come up with a couple of tricks to keep him in one spot.  His big sister was a huge help she knew just how to make him smile.


Elmira Family | Waterloo Ontario Photographer

I love to photograph families!  Your lives are always changing and it truly marks a special moment in your family history.  We have had a ton of families this summer updating their family photographs.  The weather has been so great that we have had the chance to be outside for most of them!

If you were thinking about updating your family portrait, now is the time.  We  have our summer Sizzle Special running now until August 1st!  Book your family in before the spots are all filled up. Call now 519.669.3993


Twin Girls | Waterloo Ontario Photographer

Melinda and Scott where in today with their adorable twin girls. Claire and Maeve are too cute for words, they came into the studio today for their first portrait session.  Mom and dad are doing doing amazing (great team).  We had an awesome time working with everyone and by the end of the shoot the girls just fell asleep in their parents arms.  I can’t wait till their next photo session!


Elmira Fathers Day Surprise | Waterloo Ontario Photographer

What a great Father’s day gift.  These 4 ladies planned an amazing surprise for their Dad.  A blindfolded Paul Martin walked into the studio to be surprised with a family portrait.  This was a truly special gift from his girls.


Fall is here! | Waterloo Portrait Studio

We just love spending time outside with our clients ~ capturing priceless family moments. With the weather getting a bit more chilly, the colour of the leaves changing adds a bit of magic to your portraits. We headed outside for the Jack family portrait session.


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