Perfect Night for Engagement Session | Waterloo Portrait Studio

I can’t believe we are already into August, it has to be one of my favourite months to shoot, so I will be enjoying these long warm nights (well hopefully the warm part comes soon) while they last.

Meg and Doug are an amazing couple and I have had the joy of knowing them for a couple of years now, they will be tying the knot this coming January. I will be standing up with them as one of their bridesmaids, so this means for the first time in a while I will not be behind the lens at a wedding. My amazing side kick Danielle Wilson who works with me on almost all weddings will have the pleasure of capturing their day. Last night the two of us got to work together with Meg and Doug and had a blast in Elora and some random fields. Here is one of my favourite images from their session:

Waterloo Engagement Portraits


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